TRAVERTINOS: these rocks with metamorphic origin and high contents of natural carbonates in strata, are one of the most used and recommended stone alternatives in the world of architecture and decoration because it’s extremely versatile, with neutral and hot tones that come from their singular characteristics of porosity and veined. They permit different appearance in the same stone. Their colors are between dark brown, passing through gilding up and light cream, with superficial textures as brilliant shone, satiny, open pores rustics, rustic and brushing. The thicknesses are varied, too ( from 1cm to 30 cm or more, in measures from 10x10, 30x30, 40x40, 45.7x45.7, 60x60 , in multiples modules also normally employed in 2cm thick to obtein plates of aproximately 12cmx24cm) These plates are elaborated for big walls, bathrooms and other special kinds of pieces like guards, moldings, lists etc. The rustic one is normally used in exteriors even in edges of swimming- pools because of its atermical condition, non slipping and polish in interiors, too. It’s kept by water and neutral cleansers, and it’s possible to wax, vitrify from time to time according to the customers’ preferences.