About Us

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This young and dynamic company was born under the latest ideas about attention and service for customers, always ready to offer them the best kind of stony ornamental alternatives such as travertinos, natural, porphiry granites, flagstones, marbles and different sort of rocks, with Ariel Fabián Berdasco as its chairman. With over of 17 years of experience, the company gives you the exactly combination of quality and price and is able to satisfy the most exigent market. Our politic of personalized attention and follow up the product from the quarry, production and destination, guarantees the support you need for the best result in your project and investement. We are strategically located near the quarries, in Mendoza, in the central-western part of Argentina, where the biggest quantity of these materials are extracted for using in decoration and design, closest of the ports in the Pacific Ocean and the excelent ways to the Atlantic Ocean, in the other hand. This contributes in orfer to extend this firm to extend itself as importer and exporter by selected the best products and for offering you the best relation between costs-benefits.